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  • Silence in Prayer and Action

    Sister Edmée SLG £1.50
  • Sitio, ‘I thirst’: Prayers of Intercession

    Gilbert Shaw £0.00
  • Solitude and Communion

    Dom André Louf OCSO, A. M. Allchin, Benedicta Ward SLG, Kallistos Ware, Mother Mary Clare SLG, Roland Walls £10.00
  • Sounding Stones

    Wendy Robinson £0.00
  • St Therese of Lisieux: Who is My Neighbour

    John Scott £0.00
  • Strength in Weakness

    John W. Rogerson £4.00
  • Strengthening Estates Ministry: Thriving in Mission

    Al Barrett £0.00
  • Suffering

    Reinhard Körner OCD, Sister Avis Mary SLG £3.00
  • The Beauty of Holiness

    Various £0.00
  • The Christian Solitary

    Gilbert Shaw £1.50
  • The Creativity of Diminishment

    Sister Anke £1.75
  • The Desert of the Heart

    Benedicta Ward SLG, The Desert Fathers £6.50
  • The Englishness of John Henry Newman

    Ian Ker £0.00
  • The Face of Love: Meditations on the Way of the Cross

    Gilbert Shaw £0.00
  • The Gift of Joy

    Curtis Almquist SSJE £2.00
  • The Gift of Theology

    A. M. Allchin £3.00
  • The Hidden Joy

    Sister Jane SLG £4.50
  • The Hidden Way of Love

    Barry Conaway £3.00
  • The Influence of Saint Bernard: Anglican Essays

    Various £0.00
  • The Jesus Prayer

    Sister Pauline Margaret CHN £3.50
  • The Letters of Ammonas: Successor of St Antony

    Derwas Chitty £5.00
  • The Message of Saint Seraphim

    Irina Gorainov £5.00
  • The Monastic Hours of Prayer

    Benedicta Ward SLG £7.50
  • The Monastic Letters of Saint Athanasius the Great

    Leslie Barnard, St Athanasius £2.00
  • The Our Father

    Benedicta Ward SLG £5.00