About SLG Charitable Trust Ltd.

SLG Charitable Trust Limited, the members of which are the sisters in life profession, is a charitable company established in 1970. The company administers the assets and business affairs of the community, including those of SLG Press. It supports the community’s charitable work and ministry, part of which is the work and ministry of the Press.

All the members of staff currently working in the company office also have some involvement in the work of SLG Press, helping us to meet editorial, accounting and customer service needs, and supporting our information technology. This interchange of skills is fruitful both for the company and for the Press, and therefore also for the community.

The Annual Report and Financial Statements are available from the Charity Commission website: https://www.gov.uk/find-charity-information

SLG Charitable Trust Limited
Company registered in England & Wales No. 990049
Registered Charity No. 261722

Registered Office: Convent of the Incarnation, Fairacres, Parker Street, Oxford, OX4 1TB. slg.org.uk

This service that you perform
is not only supplying
the needs of God’s people
but it is also overflowing
in many expressions
of thanks to God.

II Cor 9: 12 (NIV)