Theological reflection

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  • The Way and the Truth and the Life

    James Ramsay £9.00
  • Reinhard Sorge: Take Flight to God

    John Gallas, Reinhard Sorge £6.50
  • Pearls of Life: A Life-belt for the Spirit

    Tony Dickinson £6.50
  • Called to be Priests

    Hugh Wybrew £6.00
  • Seasons of My Soul

    Clare McKerron £5.50
  • Still Listening: Sowing the Seeds of the Jesus Prayer

    Bruce Batstone CJN £5.50
  • TIME

    Dumitru Staniloae, Kallistos Ware £6.00
  • In the Footsteps of the Lord: The Teaching of Abba Isaiah of Scetis

    John Chryssavgis, Luke Penkett £5.50
  • Discovery

    Arthur Bell £9.00
  • Gregory of Nyssa and the Sins of Asia Minor

    Jonathan Farrugia £8.00
  • ‘In the image of the Image’: Gregory of Nyssa’s Opposition to Slavery

    Adam Couchman £6.00
  • An Ecology of the Heart: Faith through the Climate Crisis

    Duncan Forbes £7.00
  • John Gallas: Touchpapers

    John Gallas £6.75
  • Sisters of the Love of God: Love Will Come With Fire

    Sisters of the Love of God £7.00
  • Henry Vaughan & George Herbert: Divine Themes and Celestial Praise

    Edward Clarke, George Herbert, Henry Vaughan £7.00
  • Gabriela Mistral: This Far Place

    John Gallas, Gabriela Mistral £5.50
  • Sayings of the Urban Fathers and Mothers

    James Ashdown CJN £6.50
  • Chancing on Sanctity

    James Ramsay £5.50
  • Dante’s Spiritual Journey: A Reading of the Divine Comedy

    Tony Dickinson £5.00
  • Pondering, Praying, Preaching ROMANS 8

    Bonnie B. Thurston £6.00
  • Shem`on the Graceful

    Mary Hansbury £5.00
  • Eternity & Time

    Dumitru Staniloae
  • Unknowing & Astonishment

    Christopher Scott £12.99
  • Lazarus, Come Out

    Bonnie B. Thurston £7.50