Individual Saints

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  • Julian of Norwich: Four Essays

    Bishop Graham Usher, Father Colin CSWG, Mother Hilary Crupi OJN, Sister Elizabeth Ruth Obbard OC £7.00
  • In the Footsteps of the Lord: The Teaching of Abba Isaiah of Scetis

    John Chryssavgis, Luke Penkett £5.50
  • Gregory of Nyssa and the Sins of Asia Minor

    Jonathan Farrugia £8.00
  • ‘In the image of the Image’: Gregory of Nyssa’s Opposition to Slavery

    Adam Couchman £6.00
  • Julian of Norwich, Four Studies

    Sister Mary Paul SLG, A. M. Allchin, Benedicta Ward SLG, Sister Eileen Mary SLG £5.50
  • Anselm of Canterbury: Teacher of Prayer

    Benedicta Ward SLG £6.00
  • Our Deepest Desire

    Sister Susan SLG £6.00
  • Poet Of The Word

    Aelred Partridge OC £6.50
  • Shall All be Well

    Graham Ward £6.00
  • On Tour in Byzantium

    John Moschus £7.00
  • Carmelite Ascent

    Mother Mary Clare SLG £5.00
  • God and Darkness

    Gemma Hinricher OCD £4.00
  • Hymns of Saint Ephrem the Syrian

    Mary Hansbury £5.50
  • Saint John Cassian on Prayer

    A. M. Casiday £6.50
  • The Gift of Theology

    A. M. Allchin £3.00
  • The Reflections of Abba Zosimas

    John Chryssavgis £5.00
  • Bede and the Psalter

    Benedicta Ward SLG £3.00
  • Shepherd and Servant

    Douglas Dales £2.50
  • The Hidden Way of Love

    Barry Conaway £3.00
  • Saint Therese of Lisieux

    Sister Eileen Mary SLG £2.00
  • The Wisdom of Saint Isaac the Syrian

    Sebastian Brock £5.00
  • The Monastic Letters of Saint Athanasius the Great (Third edition)

    Leslie Barnard, St Athanasius £6.00
  • The Spirituality of Saint Cuthbert

    Benedicta Ward SLG £4.00
  • Julian Reconsidered

    Benedicta Ward SLG, Kenneth Leech £2.00