Early centuries of the Church

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  • A True Easter

    Benedicta Ward SLG £5.00
  • Anselm of Canterbury: A Monastic Scholar

    Benedicta Ward SLG £4.00
  • At the Lighting of the Lamps

    John McGuckin £5.75
  • Bede and the Psalter

    Benedicta Ward SLG £3.00
  • God Under My Roof

    Esther de Waal £5.00
  • Hymns of Saint Ephrem the Syrian

    Mary Hansbury £5.50
  • In Company With Christ

    Benedicta Ward SLG £8.50
  • Letters of Saint Antony the Great

    Derwas Chitty £6.00
  • On Tour in Byzantium

    John Moschus £7.00
  • Saint Gregory Nazianzen

    John McGuckin £2.25
  • Saint John Cassian on Prayer

    A. M. Casiday £6.50
  • Shepherd and Servant

    Douglas Dales £2.50
  • Solitude and Communion

    Dom AndrĂ© Louf OCSO, A. M. Allchin, Benedicta Ward SLG, Kallistos Ware, Mother Mary Clare SLG, Roland Walls £10.00
  • The Desert of the Heart

    Benedicta Ward SLG, The Desert Fathers £6.50
  • The Letters of Ammonas: Successor of St Antony

    Derwas Chitty £5.00
  • The Monastic Hours of Prayer

    Benedicta Ward SLG £7.50
  • The Monastic Letters of Saint Athanasius the Great

    Leslie Barnard, St Athanasius £2.00
  • The Our Father

    Benedicta Ward SLG £5.00
  • The Reflections of Abba Zosimas

    John Chryssavgis £5.00
  • The Spiritual Wisdom of the Syriac Book of Steps

    Robert A. Kitchen £5.50
  • The Spirituality of Saint Cuthbert

    Benedicta Ward SLG £4.00
  • The Wisdom of Saint Isaac the Syrian

    Sebastian Brock £5.00
  • The Wisdom of the Desert Fathers

    Benedicta Ward SLG, The Desert Fathers £8.00
  • The World of the Desert Fathers

    Columba Stewart OSB, The Desert Fathers £6.50