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  • Reinhard Sorge: Take Flight to God

    John Gallas, Reinhard Sorge £6.50
  • John Gallas: Touchpapers

    John Gallas £6.75
  • Gabriela Mistral: This Far Place

    John Gallas, Gabriela Mistral £5.50
  • Gabrielle de Coignard & Vittoria Colonna: Fly not too High

    Gabrielle de Coignard, John Gallas, Vittoria Colonna £6.00
  • Women & God – Drops in the Sea of Time

    John Gallas £6.50
  • Middle English Poets: Where Grace Grows Ever Green

    John Gallas £5.50
  • Anglo Saxon Poets: The High Roof of Heaven

    John Gallas £5.50
  • Amado Nervo: Poems of Faith and Doubt

    Amado Nervo, John Gallas £6.00