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List of Publications available as eBooks

FP# In Print Book Title Author Amazon Link
FP012 YES Learning to Pray Mother Mary Clare SLG  View
FP014 NO Stations of the Cross Donald McChesney  View
FP015 YES Death the Gateway to Life SLG  View
FP016 YES The Victory of the Cross Dumitru Staniloae  View
FP026 YES The Message of Saint Seraphim Irina Gorainov  View
FP028 NO Julian Of Norwich AM Allchin, Srs Eileen Mary, Mary Paul & Benedicta Ward SLG  View
FP029 NO Pentecost in the Church A M Allchin  View
FP031 NO Prayer: Encountering the Depths Mother Mary Clare SLG View
FP035 NO The Word of God Sister Mary Paul SLG View
FP041 NO The Holy Spirit Geoffrey Lampe View
FP042 NO Faith Today E L Kendall View
FP043 YES The Power of the Name Kallistos Ware View
FP044 NO Wholeness and Transfiguration A M Allchin
FP046 YES Prayer and Contemplation C86 Robert Llewelyn View
FP048 YES The Wisdom of the Desert Fathers tr. Sister Benedicta SLG View
FP049 NO The Communion of Saints A M Allchin View
FP050 YES The Letters of Saint Antony the Great tr. Derwas Chitty View
FP051 NO What the Spirit Says to the Churches Michael Paternoster View
FP055 YES Theology and Spirituality Andrew Louth View
FP056 NO A Concern for Unity: The Quakers Brother Michael SSF View
FP058 NO Man: The World’s High Priest+C44 Michael Paternoster View
FP059 NO Study To Be Quiet Michael Paternoster View
FP061 YES Kabir: The Way of Love and Paradox Sister Rosemary SLG View
FP062 YES Anselm of Canterbury: A Monastic Scholar Benedicta Ward SLG View
FP063 NO Evelyn Underhill: Two Centenary Essays Michael Ramsey     & A M Allchin View
FP067 YES Mary and the Mystery of the Incarnation Andrew Louth View
FP068 YES Trinity and Incarnation A M Allchin View
FP070 YES Facing Depression Gonville ffrench-Beytagh View
FP072 YES The Letters of Ammonas Derwas Chitty View
FP074 YES George Herbert, Priest and Poet Kenneth Mason View
FP075 YES A Study of Wisdom tr. Clifford Wolters View
FP077 NO Law and Gospel Roland Walls View
FP078 YES Silence in Prayer and Action Sister Edmée SLG View
FP079 NO Prayer the Passion of Love John Byrom View
FP080 NO Contemporary Monasticism Dom Jean Leclerq OSB View
FP081 YES The Psalms: Prayer Book of the Bible Dietrich Bonhoeffer View
FP082 YES Prayer and Holiness Dumitru Staniloae View
FP083 NO A Taste of Liberty A M Allchin View
FP085 YES Eight Chapters on Perfection & Angel’s Song Walter Hilton View
FP088 YES Creative Suffering Julia de Beausobre View
FP090 YES Bringing Forth Christ St Bonaventure View
FP091 NO Waymarks in the English Religious Tradition Lorna Kendall View
FP092 YES Gentleness in St John of the Cross Thomas Kane View
FP093 YES Prayer the Work of the Spirit Sister Edmée SLG View
FP094 YES Gregory of Nazianzen: Selected Poems tr. John McGuckin View
FP095 YES The World of the Desert Fathers Columba Stewart OSB View
FP096 NO Faith Seeking Understanding Robert Runcie View
FP098 NO Prayer for Unity Oliver Tomkins View
FP100 NO The Contemplative in the World Mother Mary Clare SLG View
FP101 YES Anglicanism: A Canterbury Essay Kenneth Mason View
FP102 NO Silence and Ministry Kenneth Leech View
FP104 YES Growing Old With God T N Rudd View
FP107 NO Royal Progress: The Passion of Christ in the Four Evangelists Sister Stephanie CSD View
FP108 YES The Unicorn: Meditations on the Love of God Harry Miller View
FP109 YES The Creativity of Diminishment Sr Anke View
FP110 NO Called To Be Priests Hugh Wybrew View
FP111 YES A Kind of Watershed Christine North View
FP113 NO The Glowing Mind: Prayer in Some Caroline Divines John Byron View
FP114 NO The Mind in the Heart: Michael Ramsey Lorna Kendall View
FP115 NO Women of Prayer: Ann Griffiths and Elizabeth of the Trinity A M Allchin View
FP116 YES Jesus the Living Lord Michael Ramsey View
FP117 YES The Spirituality of St Cuthbert Sister Benedicta SLG View
FP119 NO Into Another Intensity: Diminishment and Retirement Sister Anke & Oliver Tomkins View
FP120 YES The Monastic Letters of St Athanasius the Great tr. Leslie Barnard  View
FP121 NO Following the Star Sue Morris View
FP122 YES The Hidden Joy Sister Jane SLG View
FP123 YES At the Lighting of the Lamps John Anthony McGuckin View
FP124 YES Prayer of the Heart & Prayer in the Night Alexander Ryrie View
FP125 YES Whole Christ: The Spirituality of Ministry Philip Seddon View
FP126 YES Evelyn Underhill: Anglican Mystic A M Ramsey & A M Allchin View
FP127 YES Apostolate and the Mirrors of Paradox Sidney Evans View
FP128 YES The Wisdom of St Isaac the Syrian tr. Sebastian Brock View
FP129 YES St Thérèse of Lisieux: Her Relevance for Today Sister Eileen Mary SLG View
FP130 YES Expectations: Beginning Ministry Sister Edmée SLG View
FP131 YES Scenes from Animal Life: Fables from the Enneagram Waltraut Kirschke View
FP132 YES Praying the Word of God Charles Dumont View
FP133 YES Love Unknown John Barton View
FP134 YES The Hidden Way of Love Barry Conaway View
FP135 YES Shepherd and Servant: The Spiritual Theology of St Dunstan Douglas Dales View
FP136 YES Eternity and Time Dumitru Staniloae View
FP137 YES Pilgrimage of the Heart Sister Benedicta SLG View
FP138 YES Mixed Life Walter Hilton View
FP140 YES A Great Joy: Reflections on the Meaning of Christmas Kenneth Mason View
FP141 YES Bede and the Psalter Sr Benedicta SLG View
FP142 YES Abhishktananda: A Memoir of Dom Henri Le Saux Murray Rogers & David Barton View
FP143 YES Friendship in God A M Allchin View
FP144 YES Christian Imagination in Poetry and Polity Rowan Williams View
FP145 YES Reflections of Abba Zosimas tr. John Chryssavgis View
FP146 YES The Gift of Theology A M Allchin View
FP147 YES Sacrifice and Spirit Michael Ramsey View
FP148 YES St John Cassian on Prayer tr. A M Casiday View
FP149 YES Hymns of St Ephrem the Syrian tr. Mary Hansbury View
FP150 YES Suffering Reinhard Körner OCD View
FP151 YES A True Easter: The Synod of Whitby 664 AD Sister Benedicta SLG View
FP152 YES Prayer as Self-Offering Alexander Ryrie View
FP153 YES From Perfection to the Elixir Ben de la Mare View
FP154 YES The Jesus Prayer: Gospel Soundings Sister Pauline Margaret CHN View
FP155 YES Loving God Whatever Sister Jane SLG View
FP157 YES Being There: Caring for the Bereaved John Porter View
FP158 YES Learn to be at Peace: The Practice of Stillness Andrew Norman View
FP159 YES From Holy Week to Easter George Pattison View
FP160 YES Strength in Weakness: The Scandal of the Cross John W. Rogerson View
FP161 YES Augustine Baker: Frontiers of the Spirit Victor de Waal View
FP162 YES Out of the Depths: Encountering Depression Gonville ffrench-Beytagh View
FP163 YES God and Darkness: A Carmelite Perspective Gemma Hinricher OCD View
FP164 YES The Gift of Joy Curtis Almquist SSJE View
FP165 YES I Have Called You Friends Reinhard Körner OCD View
FP166 YES Leisure Mother Mary Clare SLG View
FP167 YES Carmelite Ascent (see FP033) Mother Mary Clare SLG View
FP168 YES Ann Griffiths and her Writings Llewellyn Cumings View
FP169 YES The Our Father Benedicta Ward SLG View
FP170 YES Exploring Silence (3rd Edition) Wendy Robinson View
FP171 YES The Spiritual Wisdom of the Syriac Book of Steps Robert A. Kitchen View
FP172 YES The Prayer of Silence Alexander Ryrie View
FP173 YES On Tour In Byzantium John Moschus View
FP174 YES Monastic Life Bonnie Thurston View
FP175 YES Shall All Be Well? Graham Ward View
FP176 YES Solitude and Communion: Papers on the Hermit Life View
FP177 YES The Prayers of Jacob Of Serugh Mary Hansbury View
FP178 YES The Monastic Hours of Prayer Benedicta Ward SLG View
FP179 YES The Desert of the Heart Benedicta Ward SLG View
FP180 YES In Company with Christ Benedicta Ward SLG View
FP181 YES Lazarus, Come Out! Bonnie Thurston View
FP182 YES Unknowing & Astonishment Christopher Scott View
FP183 YES Pondering, Praying, Preaching ROMANS 8 Bonnie Thurston View
FP184 YES Shem`on The Graceful Mary Hansbury View
FP185 YES God Under My Roof Esther de Waal View
FP186 YES Journeying With The Jesus Prayer James F Wellington View
FP187 YES Poet Of the Word Aelred Partridge View
FP188 YES Identity and Ritual Alan Griffiths View
FP189 YES River of the Spirit: The Spirituality of Simon Barrington-Ward Andy Lord View
SLG001 YES Encountering the Depths Mother Mary Clare SLG View
SLG002 YES Wide as God’s Love ed. Jane Osborn & Sister Christine SLG  View