Aloneness Not Loneliness


Mother Mary Clare SLG

ISBN: 978-0-7283-0182-5

LENGTH: 3 pages

Fairacres Publications 2

1969 Rev 2010

When we seek God in and through our aloneness, it can become rich with promise and lead to deeper exposure to the world’s needs and more profound communication with our fellow human beings.

Loneliness is being without a sense of belonging, of being wanted, and we often try to drown this out with noise. But if we are prepared to face our aloneness, and seek God in and through it, we may come to a place of deeper exposure to the world and its needs; we may find we have a capacity for communication at a deeper level. If all things are regarded as part of the divine plan, then being alone may be seen as being rich with promise, and the idea of loneliness may cease to have dread. This is a booklet by Mother Mary Clare SLG.

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3 pages


Mother Mary Clare SLG



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Author Bio

Mother Mary Clare SLG (1906-88) entered the religious life in 1930, and was Reverend Mother of the Community of the Sisters of the Love of God from 1954-73. She was highly regarded by Anglicans and Roman Catholics alike as a spiritual teacher in the tradition of the Carmelite saints.

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