The Single Person


Philip Welsh

ISBN: 978-0-7283-0081-1

LENGTH: 11 pages

Fairacres Publications 71

1979 Rev/2001

A large part of the population is single. This brief, matter-of-fact assessment describes the gifts and struggles of the single person.

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As Philip Welsh says, ‘We can easily slip into thinking that almost everyone lives in a conventional family, and forget what a large part of the population in fact is single.’ This short essay, in pocket-sized format, is an honest and matter-of-fact assessment of being single, addressing the gifts and struggles of the single person.

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11 pages


Philip Welsh



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105 x 148 mm


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Author Bio

Philip Welsh, born in 1948 and ordained priest in 1994, is the Vicar of St Stephen’s with St John, Rochester Row, Westminster, London.

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