An Ecology of the Heart: Faith through the Climate Crisis


Duncan Forbes

ISBN: 978-0-7283-0353-9

LENGTH: 80 pages

Ecology of the Heart: Faith through the Climate Crisis


An examination of the ways in which climate change affect our faith, and how faith can support us during this time.

Terms such as ‘climate grief’ and ‘ecological anxiety’ describe the sadness and desolation triggered in many people in response to our changing climate. What are we to do with this aching that is sometimes dull, sometimes sharp? Nowhere is immune from extreme weather events, from physical suffering and even death. How should we react to this? These are questions that are central to every religious account of the world and its peoples. This book looks at the insights that can be gained from the world’s faith traditions, particularly Christianity. By considering the extent of the ecological crises that humanity faces, this book discusses the new and searching questions that these crises raise for us and for our faith, and how those questions reflect our approach to our environment and our responsibility in and for the world.

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80 pages

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Duncan Forbes


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Author Bio

Duncan Forbes worked in NHS management, as a College Bursar, and ran a Hospice before retiring from paid employment. Since then he has maintained his interest in the non-clinical aspects of care at the end of life, including their relevance to human responses to climate change. More recently he has become committed to exploring some of the novel pastoral challenges to which the changing climate gives rise.

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