Seasons of My Soul


Clare McKerron

ISBN: 978-0-7283-0367-6

LENGTH: 32 pages

Contemplative Poetry 12: Seasons of My Soul


A collection of poetry by Clare McKerron

Seasons of My Soul

Selected Poems by Clare McKerron

This collection speaks about the experience of nature, religion, thought, ideas and people; sometimes with the anxiety that those relationships can bring, but also with plenty of celebration. There are thoughtful ponderings, gazing into the beauty and rawness of nature, from wide sweeping beaches or forests, to tiny stones and fleeting birds. Fractured meaning is celebrated, even in its incompleteness, alongside the pleasure of wholeness, inner certainty and realization.

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32 pages

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140 x 210 mm

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Clare McKerron


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Author Bio

Clare McKerron was born in South Africa. After completing her degree in English and History she came to England in 1970 to study for a teaching certificate. She met her husband, then a theology student, in Oxford and they settled in Surrey. She spent twenty years as a literacy tutor working particularly with children with dyslexia before retiring to Bromley.

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