Reinhard Sorge: Take Flight to God


John Gallas, Reinhard Sorge

ISBN: 978-0-7283-0368-3

LENGTH: 60 pages

Contemplative Poetry 13: Take Flight to God


The first collection in English of the works of Reinhard Sorge, translated by John Gallas

Take Flight to God

Reinhard Sorge, translated by John Gallas

The religious poetry of Reinhard Sorge speaks of his journey to Christian belief, and the final joy and deep love of God that he eventually found. This is the first time a book entirely of Sorge’s poetry has been published in the English Language, and the riches revealed by John Gallas’s elegant translations show this extraordinary poet in a new light. This collection is translated from a selection published in 1925 by Dr Martin Rockenbach entitled Nachgelassene Gedichte, simply ‘Posthumous Poems’. Gallas retains the structure of the original poems while crafting new and appealing works in the English language, offering readers a window into the heartfelt passion and faith of the original poetry.

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60 pages

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Author Bio

John Gallas is an award-winning Aotearoan poet now living in the UK. After attending the University of Otago he won a Commonwealth Scholarship to Merton College, Oxford to study Medieval English Literature and Old Icelandic. He is a Fellow of the English Association and author of thirty collections of poetryand eight collections of translations.

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Reinhard Johannes Sorge (1892–1916) was killed aged just 24 during the First World War, leaving behind a considerable legacy of Expressionist plays and poetry. He is one of the progenitors of the Expressionist movement, and credited with almost singlehandedly creating surrealist theatre and modern theatrical stagecraft with his play Der Bettler (‘The Beggar’) in 1912.

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