Sisters of the Love of God: Love Will Come With Fire


Sisters of the Love of God

ISBN: 978-0-7283-0351-5

LENGTH: 80 pages

Contemplative Poetry 010


An anthology of poetry written by Sisters of the Community of the Love of God.

Love Will Come With Fire

Sisters of the Love of God

This is a collection of personal reflections on faith and the struggle to meet and serve God that is part of our Christian journey. Here there are no fractured poetic experiments except in the faith-struggle itself, that is, the thinking, which is the accomplishment and power of religious poetry, just as it is of religious life. This struggle is manifest here, expressed by different people with different impulses to write. Here, the little, the personal and the tightly-imagined have the most effect. The transfer of faith, doubt, struggle, praise, prayer into poetry is hard – and that struggle too is part of this collection.

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80 pages

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Sisters of the Love of God

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The Sisters of the Love of God is an Anglican community living a contemplative life of prayer for the church and for the world. This spiritual work is supported by their Rule and lifelong vows of poverty, chastity and obedience which continually turn them towards the Love of God as we find it in Jesus.

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