The Reflections of Abba Zosimas

Monk of the Palestinian Desert


Abba Zosimas

ISBN: 978-0-7283-0163-4

LENGTH: 34 pages

A presentation of the teaching and example of Abba Zosimas, a sixth-century Palestinian hermit, based in obedience to the gospel and love of neighbour.

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Translated into English for the first time by John Chryssavgis, these Reflections present, with great simplicity, the day-to-day teaching and example of one of the great sixth-century eremitical Fathers of the Palestinian desert. For Abba Zosimas, obedience to the gospel implies a radical disposition of love for the neighbour in every thought, word and action. This is the key to freedom and joy.

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34 pages


Abba Zosimas



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Monk of the Palestinian Desert


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Author Bio

Abba or Saint Zosimas, also known as Zosima, was born c. 460 in Palestine, and became a monk at a young age. He gained a reputation as an elder and ascetic, moving to a strict monastery located in the wilderness close to the Jordan River, where he spent the remainder of his life. He is best known for his encounter with St Mary of Egypt towards the end of her life, and is thought to have died c 560, at the age of almost one hundred.

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