Saint Gregory Nazianzen

Selected Poems


John McGuckin

ISBN: 978-0-7283-0107-8

LENGTH: 24 pages

Fairacres Publications 94

1986 4/2005

St Gregory’s Christological writings, including a defence of the orthodoxy of the Council of Nicea, together with hymns, smaller poems and prayers revealing something of his inner life.

This selection of twenty poems by the fourth-century Greek theologian, St Gregory Nazianzen, represents his Christological writing. It includes the poems ‘On the Son’ and ‘On the Incarnation’, written to defend the orthodoxy of the Council of Nicea. In these poems, Gregory meets Arian and Apollinarist heretics on their own ground, demonstrating that Christians are as cultured as the pagans. There are also several hymns, smaller poems and prayers in which St Gregory reveals something of his own inner life. There is a substantial Introduction.

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24 pages


John McGuckin



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Selected Poems


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Author Bio

Professor John McGuckin, born in 1952, is an Orthodox priest serving at the St Gregory the Theologian Orthodox Chaplaincy in Manhattan. He is Ane Marie and Bent Emil Nielsen Professor in Late Antique and Byzantine Christian History at Union Theological Seminary in New York City and Professor of Byzantine Chrisian Studies at Columbia. After studies in London and gaining his doctorate from the University of Durham, he served in various academic posts in England, Ireland, Greece, Romania, Ukraine, Italy and the United States. He has written and published extensively on Patristics, New Testament interpretation, Byzantine history and Orthodox theology, including the book ‘St Gregory of Nazianzus: An Intellectual Biography’ (2000).

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