On Tour in Byzantium

Excerpts from The Spiritual Meadow of John Moschus


John Moschus

ISBN: 978-0-7283-0240-2

LENGTH: 79 pages

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New translation of tales of ordinary folk from travels in the eastern Mediterranean c. AD 575 by the Christian monk John Moschus, who had an ear for a good story with a spiritual message.

John Moschus, a monk from a monastery near Jerusalem, set off with a companion in about AD 575, to tour the Christian centres of the eastern Mediterranean. He thought of the world as a spiritual meadow, where wild flowers of every kind grew in profusion. Like a bee, he visited one blossom after another, gathering tales from ordinary people in many occupations, in the belief that heroic deeds and unselfish sacrifice were not confined to the great and famous. The result was a unique piece of early investigative travel journalism, woven together by John Moschus into a book which he called The Spiritual Meadow. Ralph Martin provides us with a selection of some of the best stories from the complete work, in a new and lively translation from the original Greek.

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79 pages


John Moschus



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Excerpts from The Spiritual Meadow of John Moschus


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John Moschus (c. 550-619), a monk of St Theodosius Monastery, Jerusalem, travelled around the Middle East with his friend Sophronius, who later became Patriarch of Jerusalem. Shortly before his death in Rome, he compiled ‘The Spiritual Meadow’ (‘Pratum Spirituale’), to commemorate their journeys. Containing anecdotes about the monastic and Christian life of the time, the book became extremely popular as a devotional manual. His feast day in the Orthodox Church is 11 March

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