Sisters of the Love of God

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  • Silence in Prayer and Action

    Sister Edmée SLG £1.50
  • Solitude and Communion

    Dom André Louf OCSO, A. M. Allchin, Benedicta Ward SLG, Kallistos Ware, Mother Mary Clare SLG, Roland Walls £10.00
  • Suffering

    Reinhard Körner OCD, Sister Avis Mary SLG £3.00
  • The Desert of the Heart

    Benedicta Ward SLG, The Desert Fathers £6.50
  • The Hidden Joy

    Sister Jane SLG £4.50
  • The Monastic Hours of Prayer

    Benedicta Ward SLG £7.50
  • The Our Father

    Benedicta Ward SLG £5.00
  • The Psalms

    Dietrich Bonhoeffer £5.00
  • The Simplicity of Prayer

    Mother Mary Clare SLG £1.50
  • The Spirituality of Saint Cuthbert

    Benedicta Ward SLG £4.00
  • The Wisdom of the Desert Fathers

    Benedicta Ward SLG, The Desert Fathers £8.00
  • Wide as God’s Love

    Various £4.00