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  • In the Footsteps of the Lord: The Teaching of Abba Isaiah of Scetis

    John Chryssavgis, Luke Penkett £5.50
  • Gregory of Nyssa and the Sins of Asia Minor

    Jonathan Farrugia £8.00
  • ‘In the image of the Image’: Gregory of Nyssa’s Opposition to Slavery

    Adam Couchman £6.00
  • Sayings of the Urban Fathers and Mothers

    James Ashdown CJN £6.50
  • Shem`on the Graceful

    Mary Hansbury £5.00
  • Hymns of Saint Ephrem the Syrian

    Mary Hansbury £5.50
  • The Wisdom of Saint Isaac the Syrian

    Sebastian Brock £5.00
  • The Monastic Letters of Saint Athanasius the Great (Third edition)

    Leslie Barnard, St Athanasius £6.00
  • The Letters of Ammonas: Successor of St Antony

    Derwas Chitty £5.50
  • The Prayers of Jacob of Serugh

    Mary Hansbury £8.00