The Creativity of Diminishment


Sister Anke

ISBN: 978-0-7283-0125-2

LENGTH: 10 pages

Fairacres Publications 109


Experiences of diminishment, such as retirement, ageing, illness and death, also have potential for creativity. Willingly accepted, these can bring us to resurrection and renewal of life.

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We like to think of ourselves as creative, but how are we to accept retirement, ageing, illness and, ultimately, death? Sister Anke shows us that such experiences of diminishment also have their own potential for creativity. There is no sentimental evasion of the hard facts, but a personal testimony that experiences of diminishment, willingly accepted, can bring us to renewal of life ‘in the depths, where there is resurrection’.

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10 pages


Sister Anke



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Author Bio

Sister Anke, born in 1928, has lived as an ‘urban hermit’ in the east of Berlin since 1992. She is a founding member and former leader of Ordo Pacis, a Lutheran Sisterhood in Germany.

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