Creative Suffering


Iulia de Beausobre

ISBN: 978-0-7283-0099-6

LENGTH: 27 pages

Fairacres Publications 88

1984 6/2011

A description, from personal experience of solitary confinement and exile, of how to respond to suffering and use it creatively.

Suffering runs through the whole of human life. Iulia de Beausobre, speaking in London in the dark days of 1940 from her own experience of solitary confinement and exile, describes how the Russian people have learned to respond to suffering. She speaks from the basic premise that suffering can be used creatively, in the power of Christ’s victory. Cruelty is symptomatic of a deep-rooted evil which is beyond our human understanding. But it is at its roots that evil has been decisively defeated by Jesus Christ, who willingly accepted suffering for love’s sake.

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27 pages


Iulia de Beausobre



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140 x 210 mm


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Author Bio

Iulia de Beausobre (1893-1977) was a Russian émigré who made her home in England after her exile from Russia. She described something of her experience in ‘The Woman Who Could Not Die’ (1938). Constance Babington Smith has also written a biography about her: ‘Julia de Beausobre: A Russian Christian in the West’ (1983).

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