A Kind of Watershed

An Anglican Lay View of Sacramental Confession


Christine North

ISBN: 978-0-7283-0127-6

LENGTH: 24 pages

Fairacres Publications 111

1990 2/1992

Experiencing forgiveness can be like a watershed in our lives. An Anglican perspective on the Sacrament of Reconciliation, including answers to questions such as: Why go to Confession? How do I prepare?

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The watershed shown in the front cover is Striding Edge in the Helvellyn area of the Lake District. The shadow on one side of the ridge and light on the other are a striking visual image of the experience of forgiveness and new life which the author has come to associate with repentance. Her personal introduction to this sacrament explains why to go to confession and how to set about it.

As Michael Mayne says in his foreword, ‘Those who have known that sense of liberation, even resurrection, within the context of sacramental confession will not need Chris North’s words to confirm their own experience. Others, who are not aware that confession is available or are suspicious of this good Anglican practice, may be reassured and encouraged to explore for themselves this most costly yet rewarding of ways of encountering the grace of God.

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24 pages


Christine North



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140 x 210 mm


An Anglican Lay View of Sacramental Confession


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Author Bio

Christine North is a graduate of Reading University. She later spent some years in Zambia with her husband, and their three daughters were born there. Since returning to England she has been a Medical Social Worker, and is now actively engaged in prison visiting.

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