This is the Word of the Lord


Sister Brenda Michael

LENGTH: 25 pages

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The response, ‘This is the word of the Lord’ often follows a Bible reading in church, and Sister Brenda Michael reflects upon the meaning of ‘word’ in Hebrew and Greek, and also on Jesus Christ as the Word of God. The close connection between God’s Word and God’s work has given rise over the centuries to the phrase ‘opus Dei’ or ‘work of God’ – worship based particularly upon the recitation of the Psalms. Having considered how we hear and receive the Bible, the author offers suggestions for using Scripture as ‘lectio divina’ or ‘holy reading’ in our personal prayer. This short book also contains a summary of the translations of the Bible and aids to study available when it was published in 1986.

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25 pages


Sister Brenda Michael

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Brenda Stephenson was born in 1938 and lives in England. She spent much of her working life in the Anglican Order of St Clare as Sister Brenda Michael, during which time she wrote ‘This is the Word of the Lord’.

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