The Beauty of Holiness

An Introduction to Six Seventeenth-Century Anglican Writers



LENGTH: 65 pages

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The seventeenth century saw the formation of a distinctive Anglican tradition within the Christian Church. A theology, liturgy and spirituality came into being which blended the best from the Roman and Reformed Churches, supplemented by sober discipline combined with tenderness and devotion, and by dedication of the whole person to godly living. These four essays, by {author}Richard Southern{/author}, {author}Sister Benedicta Ward SLG{/author}, {author}Kathleen Lea{/author}, and {author}Mary Chitty{/author}, introduce leading Anglican scholars and writers of the era: Archbishop William Laud, Lancelot Andrewes, Jeremy Taylor, Mark Frank, George Herbert and Henry Vaughan.

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65 pages



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An Introduction to Six Seventeenth-Century Anglican Writers


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