Sounding Stones


Wendy Robinson

LENGTH: 14 pages

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Sounding Stones: Reflections on the Mystery of the Feminine

These reflections on feminine spirituality can sound and resound deep within – like those stones which ‘sound’ when blown upon – to increase our understanding of the problems and needs of women living and working together. Wendy Robinson describes how elements in the personality (such as our masculine side, the need to be alone, our capacity for anger, and our ability to say a creative ‘No’) must be affirmed and allowed to flourish. Convinced that the exploration of the feminine is part of a call of the Holy Spirit within the Church, she uses Jungian insights in describing emotional processes which can lead us to a greater knowledge of Jesus Christ.

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14 pages


Wendy Robinson

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Wendy Robinson (1934-2013), a member of the Orthodox Church and an Associate of the Community of the Sisters of the Love of God, worked for many years as a psychotherapist, pastoral counsellor, speaker and facilitator. She was an adviser to various religious communities, and in the years immediately preceding her death, she was Warden of the Servants of Christ the King, an ecumenical Christian group movement which has silence at its heart.

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